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The feet that walk Africa


Today's bustling Umoja headquarters is a far cry from the small slipper factory that opened with 26 employees on Mombasa Island in 1978. The factory was the brainchild of four brothers, whose family had a long and distinguished history in the local textile trade. Its emphasis, from those very first days, was on a unified team and a quality product.

Two decades later, the unity of the Shah brothers remains a driving force in the success of Umoja Rubber. The Company's Mtwapa headquarters today employs more than 1,600 people, and produces a phenomenal 100,000 pairs of slippers and 30,000 pairs of canvas shoes everyday. As its name implies, Umoja is 'number one' in every regard competition.
The company has become one of Mombasa's lifeblood industries, and a solid pillar of the East African economy. In one decade, Mtwapa town has grown from a village of 1,000 people into a thriving community of more than 200,000. Today, hundreds of Umoja families enjoy the benefits of free training and medical care, while thousands of shops enjoy a product whose appeal never runs out.



Today, Umoja slippers and shoes are worn by people from all walks of life.
From the stylish Pigeon ladies' shoes to its famous Simba and Ndovu slippers, Umoja footwear can be found gracing feet and floors the length and breadth of Africa. The key to Umoja's success lies in its broad range of strong, stylish shoes currently available in more than 50 designs and over 600 different colours. From its popular plain canvas shoes to an attractive variety of checks and floral designs to the bright colours of its children's sandals, Umoja's designs span a broad and brilliant spectrum.